Beeswax Food Bag - Surprise Prints

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Beeswax bags are a sustainable and convenient alternative to plastic wrap. Wrap up cheeses, breads, veggies, fruits and more. They are a perfect zero waste, eco-friendly and fun addition to your kitchen. Keep all the convenience without all the waste! Comes in assorted surprise prints. 

⦁ washable
⦁ reusable
⦁ biodegradable
⦁ keeps food fresh longer


Large 10 x 12" - great for smaller loaves, baking, veggies, greens.

XL 12 x 15" - larger loaves, big heads of lettuce, celery, bulkier items.


Use waxed bags just the same as you would use any plastic bag for storing food. Fold the top over and store in your cupboard, fridge or freezer.


Our wraps and bags are made with quality ingredients and we don't skimp on the wax! We use local SK beeswax, food grade pine resin (stickiness) and organic jojoba oil (pliability).


All of our wraps and bags will be quite sticky at first. We heavily wax our products so they work better and keep longer. The stickiness will subside somewhat with age. To wash, simply wipe with a damp rag or wash with a mild soap (dish bars are great) and cold water. After about a year of use you may need to re-wax your wraps and give them some new life.