Bread Bag Prints


One of our bestsellers! Keep bread fresh without all the plastic.  Our beeswax bread bags are perfect for storing all of your baking.  They are natural, non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable and prevent mold growth. A simple, plastic free way to store food.

XL 12 x 15" will fit a large loaf or sourdough. Also great for produce and fruits.
Color may vary slightly depending on the batch of beeswax used. Bags will have a yellow tone.

Choose flat or boxed corners. Boxed corners will look like a classic paper lunch bag.


Use waxed bags just the same as you would use any plastic bag for storing food. Fold the top over and store. You can also fold the corners in to make a boxed bag.


Our wraps and bags are made with quality ingredients and we don't skimp on the wax! We use local SK beeswax, food grade pine resin (stickiness) and organic jojoba oil (pliability).





Customer Reviews

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Easy For Kids To Use & Doubles As A Beautiful Gift Wrapping!!

These bags are great for so many reasons!! They are great for storing baked goods like cookies, muffins, scones, bread and more. Kids can easily open and close, so you don't have to worry about things drying out because they just have to fold over the top of the bag to close it. This makes it easy for all family members to use. The same applies for the wraps. No need for kids to struggle with plastic wrap or foil. The wraps are easy for kids to use, and teaches them the importance of eliminating plastic waste.

Also if you are looking for alternatives to wrap a gift in, these beeswax bags or the individual wraps are a great option. Not only are the designs fun and colourful like wrapping paper. They make your gift, two gifts in one!

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