Large Heating Pad - flannel


Natural flax seed therapy bag. Perfect for aches and pains or just being cozy.

This handmade bag can be used as a hot or cold pack. Simply microwave for 1-2 minutes or keep in your freezer so it's ready when needed. This bag is unscented with flax only. 

Flax seeds are high in oil so they retain heat longer. They also do not have the strong smell that comes with grain filled heat bags.

These are perfect for:

- muscle aches
- arthritis
- cold/flu
- aromatherapy (lavender)
- bed warmer
- stress relief
- hot flashes
- post-partum
- menstrual cramps
- just being cozy

Comes with a removable, washable cover in unbleached flannel.

Size: 18 x 8"
Machine wash and dry cover only.

Do not overheat. Always warm bag in one minute increments.

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