Bread Bag


One of our bestsellers! Keep bread fresh without all the plastic.  Our beeswax bread bags are perfect for storing all of your baking.  They are natural, non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable and prevent mold growth. A simple, plastic free way to store food.

XL 12 x 15" will fit a large loaf or sourdough. Also great for produce and fruits.
Color may vary slightly depending on the batch of beeswax used. Bags will have a yellow tone.

Choose flat or boxed corners. Boxed corners will look like a classic paper lunch bag.


Use waxed bags just the same as you would use any plastic bag for storing food. Fold the top over and store. You can also fold the corners in to make a boxed bag.


Our wraps and bags are made with quality ingredients and we don't skimp on the wax! We use local SK beeswax, food grade pine resin (stickiness) and organic jojoba oil (pliability).





Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Bread Bag

I love the bag!
I needed a large bag that would fit my Paska bread and I purchased the bag with boxed corners - it worked perfectly.
And the quality is amazing!
I am very happy with it!

Awesome for Keeping Bread Fresh and Not Moist

I purchased 2 of these bread bags (flat style) - one for our family and one for a friend (I haven't gifted it to them yet). I think in hindsight I would have gone with a boxed style, as I store loafs of bread in ours and I think the boxed corners would be better for the bag to "sit" on the counter instead of "laying" on the counter. I think with my next loaf I'll try folding in the corners so it's more box style. The scent of beeswax is a bit strong on the bag, that being said, I've been using the bag now for a couple weeks and I don't notice ANY trace of the scent transferring to the bread - awesome!
I am LOVING this reusable bag. I used to store our loafs (whole wheat, made in a 9x5 pan) in old plastic bread bags, but those can leave the loaf feeling moist after some days. On the other hand, this bread bag keeps the loaf just right (like goldilocks). I love being able to shake the crumbs out and then use it again! Would definitely recommend this for storing bread products!

a must have

this is a fantastic product ! well made, keeps the bread very fresh and the company was a delight to deal with

Fantastic Bread and Baked Goods Bag

This bag is truly fantastic. I purchased both the Beeswax XL boxed corner, and the Linen Beeswax bag. Not only do they fit my large loaf from my bread machine with room to spare, they store the bread extremely well. I also have used them for storing baked muffins. They keep the muffins from sweating unlike glass containers with lids, ziploc bags etc.. Don't hesitate to buy one!!


In our house, being without fresh bread is a disaster: our grocery shopping revolves around our need for bread. We regularly ‘do’ Bread Runs. Over the years we’ve experimented with various ways to store it, some, successful, some not. You can imagine our delight,having that we’ve discovered these bags. We ordered three! Each day, the we comment upon just how fresh the bread is today. Sure does keep our bread fresher longer, but we eat more of it faster too. All good! It’s probably the great scent of bread and beeswax that’s driving our appetites. When all is said and done, texture is everything.

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